You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord
Psalm 23: 5-6 NKJV

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Lodge is finished........ (phew!)

It has taken 2 1/2 years to get everything moved to the Lodge from the Lake and home. And then to sort through it. We donated once after leaving the Lake. After getting here we could see we needed to donate more. Some things wouldn't work here. Like knick knack shelves.

We have no cupboards. So I had Tom put these 2 shelves up for me. All plates, bowls, cups organized! The Teens love it. No more digging through the huge wire shelf they were on before.

We kept the bare minimum of decorations, some from the old 5th wheel, the bunk house, and big garage at the Lake.  It took forever to decide where they should go! The Lodge has no "rooms" only 4 walls. It really limits decorating! You need every inch for daily things first.

I'm the only one taking pictures. And I take so few. The kids have all scattered in 50 directions! By the time I can get a photo they are in bed! LOL! And the Teens are always busy!

This little bug hates her picture taken, but she was following me everywhere. So I told her great! I'm taking your picture! ;o) (Yeah............she didn't care! I took 4!)
This was after I stood on the couch to pound a nail and she plopped next to me on the couch with such force I nearly bounced off!! LOL!!
(Her leotard stops undressing when we are too busy to keep an eye on her! (she's fast) She uses every opportunity! ;o)

This is the big wire "kitchen" shelf. It is wire shelving, 30" x 48" wide. I was going to put this shelving in front of the window. And then adjust the shelves around the window using one middle shelf as counter space. But it blocks the window too much. Bottom/floor of the shelving has 25 pound buckets of oat flour, rice, oatmeal etc. The top shelf has large 18 qt cookers, crockpots, griddles. The two middle shelves have baking things, a few pans, trays, extra kiddo bowls, ice cream maker.

The moose table in front is to set things on, underneath in the crate are the boys AFOs.

This was the best shot I could get of the whole kitchen. :o) A mish mash of furniture that just WORKS!! LOL!! (a white folding sewing table for the counter, 2 kitchen carts, a night stand, wire shelving, entry table)

This is my Paternal Grandma's Curio from the early 70s. It is PLASTIC!! LOL!! Yes they had plastic furniture that looked like wood back then! Little did I know! It has sat in my living room, in my house for 40 years. But my living room is quite small. So, knowing we would not have a knick knack shelf anywhere up here, I sent this up. At home we needed more space for growing boys in the living room!
(the white door on the left goes into the garage)

The night stand is now used for kitchen linens. The crate (I painted) underneath holds kitchen towels.
 On top is our ice maker. :o) We are addicted to crushed ice.

 My collection of about 12, Moose Creek Crossing figurines are now in the Curio. (from the 90s) They have been quite chipped and broken by the last group of kids since I had no nice spot like this for them. But I still love them! Moose Creek Crossing made a Camp Uffda sign for the collection. So I knew when we bought these 19.25 acres in 1998, I'd call it Camp Uffda. Because it needed so much work. (house, chicken coop, garage, horse stansion, pig stall, garbage piles with appliances and half a car)
Tom called it "the Ranch" because he mowed it. Now with everything cleaned up and completed we call it the Lodge. (we say "the Large Lodge", using a British accent of not pronouncing the "r" in large- LOL!)

 My Maternal Grandfather's wood carvings. He was my Mom's step Dad, but he was the only Grandpa I had. I loved him, and in his silly cold Norwegian way he loved me too. When my Mom's sister died (and when my mom dies) they did/do not include him in their obituary. Its like he was never a part of us. Instead they include their abusive alcoholic father who my Grandma left after losing her 3rd baby, fearing for her life. They even put Grandma's last name as from their birth father, when she died after being married to my step Grandpa almost 50 years.

My obituary will list this man as my Grandfather. He parented my mom 10 years and my Paternal Grandfather was not alive. He was all I had for a Grandpa. God truly gifted me with him in my life.
(sorry, I'm an adoptive mom, "real" family members are an issue with me. I am real)

I saved a box of Grandpa's wood carvings. (He died in 1990) There was not one that reminded me of him! LOL! He carved gnomes and a few Norwegian folk lore figures of men. But that's not "him". He also carved a lot of beautiful things, jewelry etc and sold it. I mostly got his cast offs. (My cousins and Aunt took some too.)
In the box today I was delighted to find - ME!!! and my best friend the Barred Owl I hoot to just about every night up here!
Oh I was over-joyed! It was a last gift from Grandpa! Don't I look lovely? I'm an old Norwegian woman ;o) (And I really am 1/4 Norwegian/Finnish) These are priceless!

These things truly are God's Gifts. As He created us, and planned even the minutest bits of our lives. I weep with UNCONTAINABLE JOY!! God used Grandpa to brighten my day. Grandpa had no idea! Well he does now!

Thank You for stopping by and sharing our JOY! (((HUGS))) and prayers!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Man down

We are back in the woods.
The week before we got here I had been sick.
Eight years ago I had surgery to help a problem. Eight years later its back. To top it off I'm now allergic to the 2 super-biotics I took for years to stop the infections. 
I was hoping here in the woods I'd feel better and I did a few days.
Until it stopped me in my tracks. I nearly ended up in the hospital. By the Grace of God alone and my 4 super heroes I made it through.
I just don't want another surgery, I had a code blue after the last one. I hate surgery.

                                                     Kitty working on her Etymology.

 Lysa loves her sleeping arrangement here. The kids can bring more things up without worry about where are we going to put it!
All 4 are doing Etymology up here and switch off to Math at home. Sweet Lysa helped correct books for her siblings while I was sick.

Faith, always ready to help with the animals when I'm sick. Those are butterfly lights on the ceiling, from their sister Molly who passed away.

This year they are 15 and 16. So grown up!

 No pictures of sweet Isaiah. He took the pictures I'm posting. He wanted to show his burning "barrel". We don't have campfires in the woods like we did at the lake. We do burn every other evening papers from the trash. That's his job. A campfire in the woods is more dangerous. We don't have the time to maintain it. We have our small "kettle" we throw a bit of wood in once in a while.

                                   Lysa has started mowing. She loves it. She's very good at it too!

We had rain for 3 days. One day Lysa started mowing and the skies opened and just poured on her!
This day it didn't rain!

They need to learn the upkeep for when this property is theirs. :o) Lysa said if she inherits the house she'll never sell it. :o) I think she should sell it. But I don't think they should sell the Lodge. :o)

((((HUGS))) to all, thanx for visiting! God Bless!