You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord
Psalm 23: 5-6 NKJV

Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's our favorite time of year!!

 Yes!! We are back in the woods. We will be here off and on until Fall. Last year we stayed 7 weeks straight. That is our favorite way to stay. But SP has her own ideas. :o)

We had to ask SP's approval. (We are thankful every day, now 28 years, to have her live with us.
We have possible new people moving into our home in the Fall.)
Until the new people come, we only need SP's approval for this summers travels. :o)
(The Federal Government Waiver says we must call former Group Home Clients- 245D Persons. OY!)

So here it is week 1 and we have done a ton of settling in in only 3 days! (I am sore ;o) Putting all things we need away. Setting 4 sets of bunk beds up. Tables set up. Every piece of furniture in place. We are only missing kitchen cabinets.
Pictured above is the back bedroom in the large trailer, where the children slept last year. It is now used for sewing, crafting and cooking meals. Crafting/sewing for me and the teens. :o)

 More food buckets. Dried foods stores best up here. Canned foods must return home at the end of the year. These buckets can stay. We have potato flakes, oatmeal, groats, corn meal, oat flour, peppers, tomatoes, powdered tomatoes, split peas, rice, navy beans etc!!! YUM!

 Tom neglected his mowing duties. :o(  The canopy is for dogs to stay dry going potty :o)

You can see the new siding on the Lodge. It was put up over the old cheap weather worn 17 year old siding. We'll paint the new siding barn red next year. Now our general maintenance here starts. We need gutters where a garage door leaks. We need new Electric outlets for a few that mysteriously died?? ugh! Hopefully next year we can afford a new tin roof that will last a life time. (longer than shingles)
The teens will inherit this place. We don't want it high maintenance for them. :o)

Really needs mowing.
Here are the summer flowers on the raspberry bushes that will be yummy raspberries soon! The hummingbirds are loving these.

 Oh my- no sitting around the fire until he mows! (Zay took all outdoor photos)

 New laundry tubs (Left) for my new non-electric hand wringer washer! New "front" french doors with blinds between the glass! Tom needs to get the screen up.

 The wild life here is incredible compared to the lake (only 8 miles away) where we used to be. We have swans flying over us between Lows Lake a mile away and a large pond behind us.
We always (even at the lake) have Phoebes nesting under the trailer. They are fun to watch and nest twice!

                                                    The back side of the Lodge, unmowed.

 So many beautiful Butterflies this time of year. At night lighting bugs everywhere. Last night the Great horned Owl chased the Barred owls away!

 Zay like me loves the "weeds" that grow around here. These stickers will be mowed down soon. It rained so much we couldn't mow right away.

 Lysa's fascination the road! The neighbors across the road flooded their woods for ducks. They run a hunting service. So a lot of his trees died, not so pretty now. On our side of the road it is naturally flooded and full of Tamaracks and pussy willows.

 Left side of the road the neighbors (flooded). The right side is our land, it goes a bit past the sign way down there.
It's 1,100 ft wide and 660' deep. This road direction leads home.

This road direction leads further north. Our land goes a few hundred feet past the electric pole.

I have a new blog
It's not spelled correctly in the link because the correct spelling was taken. :o)
If you click on MA's picture at the top of that blog, it takes you back to The Road Down Home blog.
I've been a frustrated artist for many years. Life is short- time to create!
It helps me Praise Him with the work of my simple hands.

(((HUGS))) and prayers to ALL!


  1. Hurray! Ya'll were able to get up to camp! It sounds like the most relaxing and peaceful place. A work in progress but anything worth having and making takes work. Love all the pictures...Blessings!

    1. God is Good! SP did not want to come home! :o)


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