You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord
Psalm 23: 5-6 NKJV

Friday, January 6, 2017

Freezing temperatures and home made scarves

(photo above, my trusty olfa cutter, a must have. Also my trusty cutting board, bought with a 40% off coupon over 20 years ago! Its been beaten, abused, painted on, chipped, still going strong!
This scarf was cut first using an old scarf as a pattern. Edges are choppy on the end not re-cut yet with the olfa.)

It has been -18 below here today. It is so COLD!

This December we went through our snow pants, gloves, scarves and coats.
The 3 teen girls got new coats for going out, and now use their old coats to play in the snow. They outgrew their old snow coats.

We shopped online for gloves and hats since the stores were so crowded with holiday shoppers. Gloves we had great luck finding. Hats not so much. But we did find enough of those for now.

Scarves online every where were overly priced and that was ridiculous.

So I made us new ones~
All scarf edges above were cut with the olfa scallop blade.

I had a surplus of fleece. I was going to make the kids blanket/throws. But we already have more than we need. So I was going to make the boys pajamas. But the boys don't need pajamas right now. Their growth spurts have slowed. The bigger boys now fit in Zay's hand-me-downs.
Scarves are perfect from this fabric! The fleece above are snowmen and reindeer prints.

I've had this brown and blue fleece forever. Always planning to use it, but never finding time.

I also crocheted 3 adult sized scarves. They turned out nice too. But much more time consuming. Scarves are not my favorite to crochet. :o)

I was able to cut enough fleece scarves to take up north too, and still have enough here so the boys can get a clean scarf each outing. Scarves tend to get quite dirty after each boys use.

This is a wider scarf made for Lysa. It fell on Sassy as I carried it to the bed. Lysa loves sheepies.

 On the left you can see my olfa cutting blipp. But you can't make mistakes on these. I don't have time to cut them perfectly. When the scarves are worn blipps don't show! :o)

I didn't have time for making tassles on the ends. :o) A few boys would chew them off anyhow! So I did a running stitch around the whole thing instead. I used baby yarn.

A blanket stitch would have covered the pretty scallop.

 They are long enough to wrap around well and tuck in coats.

 Pretty fleece patterns for my 4 girls ages 9,13,14 and16.

 For Zay and Samson I freehanded a wavy cut on the end with the olfa. I could have done some "fringe" on it with the olfa too. I did this to save time and "look" finished. :o)

I have them all in a pile next to my bed. I sit stitching them in between correcting Homeschool books for the teens. It's always nice to have "mindless" work to do while you wait in between their school tests. Most often I crochet. This is a fun change. After my cancer surgery I got quite a few done. I was "off" my foot 6 weeks.

I leave you with a poem my Faith wrote me. She just turned 16. She has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. (FAS) She has social issues like giving out personal information on herself and all of us to anybody!! Yikes!!. She tends to tell others what she thinks they want to hear, which could also be called lying, except she can lie as well. With FAS her telling people things to make them happy without intentionally lying is a bit of a gray area. OY! LOL!! Make sense?? ;o) She also has learning issues. Her IQ scores are extremely high but she cannot apply it to her benefit. I can't imagine having her challenges. I adore her from head to toe. Her heart is HUGE! She wrote this poem about a rough patch I was going through. She asked me to share it.

To the best Mom ever

When they laugh and criticize you,
you will remain strong.
Then you ask for God's help,
to keep on holding on.
You're true to yourself,
shielded in His Grace.
You even help the little ones,
to help them find their place.
Your faith in God is precious,
just like the love you bring.
You'll know the way to Heaven,
let all the angels sing.
You're a virtuous woman,
who works to follow God's rules.
While others be mean and selfish,
and not to mention mean and cruel.
But I say now it's time to shout,
and celebrate your name.

Because in God's eyes He sees you,
like a shining, burning flame.
We pray for all those listening,
to come out of being bored.
And like my Mum who says it well,
Come and join the Lord!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank You! (((HUGS))) She is smiling ;o)

  2. What a precious poem--from a sweet girl to her sweet mom! Faith, you are wonderful at sharing your faith!

    1. Thank you Barb! She is a gift from God! She is so happy you like her poem! (((HUGS)))

  3. What a wonderful poem inspired by the Holy Spirit. God is so good. What a blessing all of your children are to you. May they always have a heart for the Lord! Blessings!


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