You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord
Psalm 23: 5-6 NKJV

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Homeschool in the woods

We homeschool year round.
That gives the 4 teens extra time to finish. Rather than 9 months, they get 12 months.
The best part is what they learn here in the woods from living.
Above is Science in the woods! Learning all the different kinds of mushrooms that grow here compared to what they saw growing at the Lake. Environments change, plants change!

                                          This is Shop class. Building something for mom!

Photography class, Mom sees a beautiful tree miles from us in our neighbors 80 acres. Isaiah zooms in to photograph it for me!

                                 This was the view from our yard. The tree was just stunning!
                              Wouldn't it be cool if I could walk straight there! It's too swampy.

                                  Photography class from Kitty. A beautiful sun set in the woods.

                       This was history class. What type of farm building do you think this was?

                        The remnants of an old small animal building set back in the woods.

                        Home Ec class. Decorating your patio in the woods under your favorite pines!

 Science again. Naming all of the different pine species planted here by Mr and Mrs Getta in the 1970s.

                          Science- gardening, Kitty's flowers and not shown, Isaiah's shamrocks.

Sciene and Math. Losing daylight, how many minutes do me lose a day now. What time does the sun set?

 Teaching- learning to teach your younger brothers and Sissie (sister) with special needs.

 Science, Shop, Home Ec- lawn maintenance. Mowing three acres and maintaining the yard.

Life skills- Faith putting dogs out, Isaiah cutting branches and fall trees, Lysa picking up sticks, Kitty photographing our blessings!

                                                       Science- Lysa finds a little red snake!

           They really are cute! We have tons of Toads, frogs, birds. So much wildlife its amazing!

                    Kitty's Science- her friend a caterpillar. These are kind of mean, they do pinch!

            Crawling up her arm! She has her Hello Kitty back pack on with bug catching supplies!

Science and Bible study/Worship. As our Church Sermon ended on Sunday and we sang "Drink from the Fountain", we could hear the sudden downpour outside! LOL!
We have very wet soil here. So the kids watch how it slowly absorbs the large amounts of rain here!

Science- Faith's Giant Water Beetle. We find these at home too. I don't care for them! They eat tadpoles and small fish. :o( They use a long probe like a mosquito that injects poison into their catch. They have no predators.

Speaking of predators, we listened to a Pileated Woodpecker fight for its life in the woods before it died. It was quite sad.
And the Great Horned owl has chased away our Barred owl couple. :o( Great Horned owls eat Barred owls.

                                                              Not so pretty is he/she?

                                Using Mom's glass cake pan until they let him go! LOL!

                                                            Yes, Faith loves Science! ;o)

                                                           Wearing her Science!!

 Shop, Home Ec and Math class- remodeling- laying new carpet squares. Measuring, cleaning, cutting, counting.

And THIS is Math Girl !!! Lysa not only helps me correct the other 3 teens Math books, but she excels in Math and completed her own Math in record time. Faster than any of her siblings now or grown!

 That calls for celebration! Lots of cheering and praise from her Teacher causing us great-

                                              WOOOOO-HOOO!! YOU GO GIRL!!!
                                                   Jumping for JOY!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

My "Zay the Builder" :o)

In the garage half of our building I am loving our organization! When we were at the Lake we never could get the 2nd garage (we had 2 there) set up in a working order. One problem was the big garage was 200' from the trailer. It was so much work walking back and forth for me!

Because I have my very own Bob Zay the Builder. I bought him a work bench. It was very reasonable from Walmart. ($89.00) It has its own light too! One warning- it took Tom and Zay 4 hours to set up.

Isaiah took my stool and found a waste basket for it. :o) He's very practical.
But he's still working on picking up after himself.

He keeps the work bench neat and clean. But after he leaves a job he's done elsewhere, he often forgets to pick up his tools and bring them back. After hearing me remind him a few times he's getting better. :o)

He keeps his things together nicely when he does pick up. Tom went to the Hardware store since this picture and bought him some more peg hooks to hang more tools. We had a few because Tom bought them 7 years ago and they sat here in un-opened in the box. So I gave them to Zay.

                       Underneath the work bench, a nice big shelf. It also has 2 great tool drawers.

                          Zay hung some peg boards for miscellaneous tools by my "tool" corner.

 While I was painting I asked Isaiah to try to get the electric grill into the big trailer. I wanted to cook some chicken wings, but I was too tired to grill outside. Plus it was dark, I had painted till the sun set. The grill is built by Masterbuilt.
Masterbuilt is famous for their smokers. I bought this years ago and finally had a chance to use it.

I love it so much, I decided to see if I could get another for home. The bad part is it really must be used outside. The trailer got quite smoky! When I looked for another one online they were $238.00 to $300.00!!
Then I googled it I saw it was at a Hardware store 40 miles away for only $99.00!! We were in business!!
But then we had the van break down.............twice. We were worried the grill would sell before we got there! But it didn't. :o)

                                       My sweet young man getting his Math done as he burns.

Zay took these pictures of the sun rising on a very humid chilly morning. Later that day it was 87 degrees. We had a few very hot days for this time of year. I nearly got ill from painting in the heat. I know dumb.  The paint can be applied in as low as 35 degree temps! Love that! It's been 40 degrees here twice. Mainly its been 45 to 50.

 We had a "pit" in the ground outside the garage service door. Rain water filled up in it like a mini lake  and the dogs (and me) hated it. The dogs had to step in it as they came in and out of the garage. Tom decided this was the solution. Tom bought the wood and cut it. Zay put it together by himself. I wish it was a bit longer. You can see the "dip" under it on the right side. Its still an improvement. I might ask them to make 1 more to completely cover it. :o)

The Lord has blessed me with Zay the builder. :o) And my other 10 loves here too. (Samson,Faith, Lysa, Kitty, Noah, Moses, Jacob, Julius, Pauly & Mercy)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Home on the Range :o)

 Chores are so different in the woods. The garbage man up here lets us have only one big blue "can". Which we overflow just with diapers. :o( Tom takes the rest home weekly. So this year we started burning scrap wood and paper trash. Isaiah uses the small burning can daily.

Our new siding was so pretty, but it started to "grey" and weathered already. And Tom didn't put up the gutters yet. So we paint again. Good thing the paint was on sale over Labor Day! :o)

 Last year Tom said our little Ace Hardware (8 miles from us in the woods) store did not have a "barn" red. So he bought without getting my approval-  the paint on the RIGHT. It was called "heart of Rome"?? Uuuuuugly! :o( I hated it. On the left is my color choice- the new siding color. I had him go get paint charts in the big city where we live, Ace Hardware. Then we can get more at the little Ace. I picked this red.
I love the new color!

The siding was so pretty un-painted. This is our French patio doors. The screen doesn't fit it and the doors are dented. :o(  The builder ditched us. He was happy to get our $$. But no longer cares about fixing his errors. Young people. :o(

 Our garage is so streamlined. :o) We made room for a #1 only potty tent for the girls so they don't have to go outside at night. The go here into the attached garage.

My organization. It took 6 weeks last year and 10 weeks this year to get it the way we needed it! The large black boxes hold bedding, clothes,towels, kleenex, TP, paper towels.

 Lysa coming into the garage through the service door. My moose door knocker was on the lake bunk house door for years. Now its home here.

I paint as high as I can. Tom does the top on the front and back of the garage.

On one day I'll paint without the ladder. And then come back the next day to finish the side to the top. Tom paints the underside of the overhang. I can paint one side this way in only 3 hours. The problem is it can't be too hot out - (my neuro disease) or too sunny (my poor vision). And it has been both. So I usually get only one side done before the sun sets.

 On the left is 2 coats of paint. The right side is one coat of paint. We actually need to do 3 coats. I fell in love with the color on the 2nd coat. It looks like a "jewel tone" color in the sun. Like garnet. And then I remembered what it really looks like to me! (I'll tell you below!)

At home we have Tea Time. In the woods we have coffee! :o)

                              Lysa bringing out the coffee to SP and the 4 Teens in the Lodge.

 There! I finished one coat on one side! To the right the service door to the garage.

How funny that you can "see" the 2nd coat so well from this distance! We were trying to paint around the windows first to put the new shutters up. But that was when we thought it only needed 2 coats of paint.

See the red Maple tree! (If you click on this photo it enlarges)
It was the first tree here to turn this year.
Usually the birches turn yellow first.
The "red" on the Maple is the same color as our paint. I love it! The Lodge isn't barn red anymore. Now it's Fall Maple Tree Red!! Fall is our favorite Season up here!

The color you see along the roof is the old color from last year. Soon to be painted the beautiful new color! By then I think the Maple leaves will have blown off. But next year, Lord willing I can try another picture of the red leaves and the new red trim! :o)

Praise God! He cares for our every need. Even before we know we need it!