You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord
Psalm 23: 5-6 NKJV

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Is it really February? My teens have grown very big now

Kitty wearing the new skirt I made her with some clothes from her dresser. The girls love re-creating their wardrobe, old with new. :o)
Kitty takes her photos with the Tripod if Isaiah isn't around.

 Lysa wanted a haircut.
Faith wants to be a Beautician.
All 3 of my Teen girls really LOVE each other. They get along so well. They are very best friends. And very close. Lysa said Faith could cut her hair.
These pictures were taken after Faith's first try.

 You can probably tell Faith is very animated! Full of energy and we think she's way too much fun! Lysa is like me..................excitement? Meh. But we try for Faith's sake! :o)

 I gave Faith my Grandma's scissors from when she was a Beautician in the late 1920s.
I didn't check to see how sharp they were. I didn't think to see how they worked. I gave them to her months before.

 Faith used them on Lysa. They were very dull! And Faith had no idea how they should be! :o)

 It wasn't until after the first try that I realized..........oops! They were so dull I was surprised she cut this well!

                                                       Lysa was fine about it.

Just as well, Faith was thrilled to start her career early! This is how we learn!
No worries. I loaned her one of my super sharp professional scissors for her next try.
We had Grandma's scissors sharpened (Dad took them somewhere) Sadly they came back still cutting badly. :o(

 We threw my sweet Zay in here. He keeps himself busy as the girls and I were running around with scissors!
The girls adore Isaiah and he adores them. They are such good Teenagers. Teens are actually my favorite stage for children. But it flies by way too quickly. Adult "children" frustrate me to no end.

 Hair cut number two! Very impressive with a better scissors.

 It has since grown out very long in the front since November. I'll be trimming it up next. Just because Lysa wants the front shaped differently, not because she doesn't want Faith to do it.

 This winter has been unbelievably COLD!! Day after day below zero temps. As low as -20 in the night. We don't buy Christmas gifts. But we enjoy seeing the variety of items advertised for gifts during the Season. We saw these fleece one piece jammies on sale and knew we needed them for the cold!
They wear them over their clothes instead of a robe.

                                         Sister and best friends for life!

Yes, they take their own photos! LOL! I never know what I'm getting when we download them! (much to their delight!)

Miss Mercy had to try on Lysa's. She was dragging it around the upstairs, sneaking it from Lysa!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The 4 teens October fun!

The teens help me so much. It's joy to see them have fun when they aren't also working hard on their studies. 
Our Princess Kitty above :o)

I hate having my picture taken. I contributed to a sewing blog, they  requested a photo. Kitty helped me not feel so awkward getting my picture taken! :o)

The Fall pumpkins took over the house! They were frightening!

                      There were even "killer" pumpkins! ;o)

                               And one on the loose outside!!

Isaiah hates wearing a pumpkin costume. But he obliged his sisters.

 Lysa hates the pumpkin costumes too. Here she's making fun. She's so darn cute! :o)

 Here she's bored, while two decide to wear their costume in a new way! LOL!

 Kitty made a cute pipe cleaner craft of woodsie creatures for us! The background was pre-cut, but she had to make the animals.

                                                   another deer?

                       The artist herself dressed as Bat girl.

                   Lysa says she's a scare crow with a lamb?
 Even Violet (aka Catty) dressed up!
Isaiah handed out candy as an Air Force pilot. His dream one day :o)
We've been so busy since we got home October 1rst.
This is how the woods looked the last week of October-
No going back to the woods till next year.  The little "lines" to the right of the trees is my clothes line!
Tonight it's getting down to 2 degrees. So cold for this time of year.
We are so blessed! We are warm and happy and filled with God's LOVE! Praise be to God!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Homeschool in the woods

We homeschool year round.
That gives the 4 teens extra time to finish. Rather than 9 months, they get 12 months.
The best part is what they learn here in the woods from living.
Above is Science in the woods! Learning all the different kinds of mushrooms that grow here compared to what they saw growing at the Lake. Environments change, plants change!

                                          This is Shop class. Building something for mom!

Photography class, Mom sees a beautiful tree miles from us in our neighbors 80 acres. Isaiah zooms in to photograph it for me!

                                 This was the view from our yard. The tree was just stunning!
                              Wouldn't it be cool if I could walk straight there! It's too swampy.

                                  Photography class from Kitty. A beautiful sun set in the woods.

                       This was history class. What type of farm building do you think this was?

                        The remnants of an old small animal building set back in the woods.

                        Home Ec class. Decorating your patio in the woods under your favorite pines!

 Science again. Naming all of the different pine species planted here by Mr and Mrs Getta in the 1970s.

                          Science- gardening, Kitty's flowers and not shown, Isaiah's shamrocks.

Sciene and Math. Losing daylight, how many minutes do me lose a day now. What time does the sun set?

 Teaching- learning to teach your younger brothers and Sissie (sister) with special needs.

 Science, Shop, Home Ec- lawn maintenance. Mowing three acres and maintaining the yard.

Life skills- Faith putting dogs out, Isaiah cutting branches and fall trees, Lysa picking up sticks, Kitty photographing our blessings!

                                                       Science- Lysa finds a little red snake!

           They really are cute! We have tons of Toads, frogs, birds. So much wildlife its amazing!

                    Kitty's Science- her friend a caterpillar. These are kind of mean, they do pinch!

            Crawling up her arm! She has her Hello Kitty back pack on with bug catching supplies!

Science and Bible study/Worship. As our Church Sermon ended on Sunday and we sang "Drink from the Fountain", we could hear the sudden downpour outside! LOL!
We have very wet soil here. So the kids watch how it slowly absorbs the large amounts of rain here!

Science- Faith's Giant Water Beetle. We find these at home too. I don't care for them! They eat tadpoles and small fish. :o( They use a long probe like a mosquito that injects poison into their catch. They have no predators.

Speaking of predators, we listened to a Pileated Woodpecker fight for its life in the woods before it died. It was quite sad.
And the Great Horned owl has chased away our Barred owl couple. :o( Great Horned owls eat Barred owls.

                                                              Not so pretty is he/she?

                                Using Mom's glass cake pan until they let him go! LOL!

                                                            Yes, Faith loves Science! ;o)

                                                           Wearing her Science!!

 Shop, Home Ec and Math class- remodeling- laying new carpet squares. Measuring, cleaning, cutting, counting.

And THIS is Math Girl !!! Lysa not only helps me correct the other 3 teens Math books, but she excels in Math and completed her own Math in record time. Faster than any of her siblings now or grown!

 That calls for celebration! Lots of cheering and praise from her Teacher causing us great-

                                              WOOOOO-HOOO!! YOU GO GIRL!!!
                                                   Jumping for JOY!